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How DO search engines determine when to show your website in search responses? You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t actually magic. Search engines send programs to your website to scan your content and evaluate your system.
Your rank is a product of a formula which each search engine uses to rate your website’s relevance to any search based on the data it has stored in its database. Criteria included in this formula include the content, metadata, and performance history of your website among many other factors. Being SEO’d well in a competitive market place requires thoughtful search engine optimization planning, executing ongoing SEO protocols in future publishing, and following up with frequent maintenance.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION?! In a sea of online billboards, how much does it matter? You’re always going to be battling competitor advertising, but when a website is properly SEO’d, the audience you are targeting will find your website towards the top of their search even when the advertisements may be rotating.

Search engines determine how to rank your website in search responses based on a considerable and somewhat daunting set of criteria including but not limited to site content (including text, images, video, meta data, and code), site speed and performance, social presence, traffic and site interaction, and much more.

TOP SHELF LAW can help you determine what searches you want to be found in and will create a plan to improve your search engine responses as well as diagnose and correct any system issues that may be contributing to search failures.

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