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How are you or your organization managing your incoming, outgoing, and internal Email communications? Are you leveraging the right corporate email solution? Are your contacts, leads, and other important data being lost or mixed in personal communications? What is your intake process and where is it databased? Have you identified the audiences you communicate to and optimized your direct communications processes? Are you leveraging online resources like project managers, customer relationship managers, or organizational scheduling tools effectively?


There are a multitude of reliable email service providers to choose from and depending on your preferences and the size of your organization, we can help you determine which one is the right one for you.  Let Top Shelf Law help your firm or organization upgrade to an enterprise email system with the features you need to get business done. Corporate email systems like Google’s G-SUITE can provide features like collaborative documents and calendars, task managers, abilities to leverage email account aliases, large volumes of data storage and sharing, and some even provide phone numbers and voip calling features.  Systems are typically billed on a per user basis and grow or shrink with the needs of your organization.  Contact us today to learn more.


There are plenty of options out there, and each of them have varying features that can include website integration, email system integration, and limits that are of course budget driven. The right one for you is out there. Let Top Shelf Law evaluate your needs based on your goals and help you find the right solution.

Let TOP SHELF LAW help you understand and optimize your communication flow in order to better manage internal execution, convert new leads to happy customers, and to maintain your referral audience. Contact us today to move towards inbox organization.

Contact Top Shelf Law today to schedule a free email platform consultation.